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Louis Ledoux, Managing Director of Colas South Africa

French by birth, I left France in 2001. The last year of my master’s degree in engineering was spent as an exchange student in Budapest, Hungary, where I became acquainted with Colas through an internship focusing on market analysis.

In 2003, Colas offered me my fi rst job, which was on a 40km motorway construction site in Romania. Transferred to Poland 2 years later, I took charge of the private clients portfolio, with the activity being concentrated on the construction of large malls and shopping centres.

Thereafter I was transferred to the UK in 2006, and was based in Portsmouth, where Colas secured a Private Finance Initiative contract transferring the management of 450km of road to Colas for refurbishment and maintenance for 25 years. I was tasked with the delivery of the refurbishment programme, and then took charge of the business unit.

In 2012 Colas partnered with Dust-A-Side (DAS), a company based in South Africa, specialising in dust control and haulroad management in the mining sector. Glad to get closer to the sun, I welcomed the opportunity to join the DAS team and manage their African operations. This was exhilarating, with the development of two new subsidiaries in Mozambique and Morocco.

I have now rejoined the mother ship at a particularly exciting time for the company, expanding into contracting activities. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone for their warm welcome to the company, and look forward to working with the team to make a success of this new journey together.